Treatment Options for Tendonitis - Beyond Traditional Options

Published: 28th September 2010
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For some people the traditional treatments for tendonitis just do not work or do not appeal to them. These more traditional methods of treatments usual involve a long wait for recovery and relief. Some people just need some option that will provide fast relief. This is where alternative treatment options come in to help.

Traditional Treatments

The traditional treatments for tendonitis involve plenty of rest. This includes not using the injured area or doing anything that aggravates the tendonitis. It also involves applying ice to the area and taking over the counter medication to reduce inflammation. Your doctor will likely make you wait for some time to see if these things work to stop your pain and symptoms.

If your tendonitis does not clear up, your doctor will move on to more intensive treatments. Corticosteroid injections, physical therapy and even surgery are the things you may have to do in order to get relief. These treatments can cause side effects, require long recovery periods and/or are evasive.

Alternative Options

If you feel that traditional tendonitis treatment methods just won't work for you or if you have tried traditional treatments and they haven't worked then you might want to consider alternative options for treatment. Natural medicine is starting to become quite popular these days. Natural medicine involves using things like herbs, plants and other Eastern techniques to heal the body.

In treating tendonitis you might want to think about trying MSM. MSM is a natural supplement that works like an anti-inflammatory. It also helps to heal tissue and can increase flexibility. It can help to loosen up the tissue in the injured area and has shown to be great way to get relief from tendonitis.

Silica or silicon supplements are another natural option for treating tendonitis. These supplements encourage healing within the body and can be a good way to get faster relief from tendonitis symptoms.

You might also want to consider acupuncture to help heal your tendonitis. Acupuncture is an eastern medicine technique involving pressure points on the body that are tapped into to help increase healing and health. You can easily find an acupuncture practitioner in your area by searching online.

Alternative options for treating tendonitis can help you to get fast relief. You can also be assured that since you are using natural treatments that there will not be any side effects that you have to worry about. You also won't have to worry about long recovery periods as you would with surgery. You are actually using something natural to treat your body so you are working with your body to use its natural healing powers.

Living with tendonitis is not really an option. The pain can become severe enough that it prevents you from doing things you love to do or have to do. Traditional treatments often take a long time to bring relief and they can sometimes do more harm to your body. There is no reason to put yourself through that when you can choose alternative treatments that bring fast and safe relief.

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